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In the dry air of Denver, the Jewish Consumptive Relief Society (JCRS) Sanatorium rose from the fields of a local dairy farm. Offering free care to patients suffering from tuberculosis, the staff and doctors committed themselves to controlling, if not conquering, the disease. By the 1950’s, they reached their goal and the JCRS redirected its focus on combating cancer, becoming the AMC Cancer Research Center. Over the years, our reputation grew as we became the first institution in the nation to devote its scientific resources exclusively to the prevention and control of cancer.


But still there were exciting changes to come. In 2005, AMC Cancer Research Center officially affiliated with the University of Colorado Cancer Center, a state-of-the-art research and treatment institution. As we prepare to continue our mission under the name of University of Colorado Cancer Center Fund, we provide direct fundraising support for the innovative and important research taking place at CU Cancer Center, playing a pivotal role in conquering cancer.


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AMC aims to create hope through science by raising funds through engaging corporations, civic organizations and individuals in special events, education and outreach efforts. As an independent entity, we are committed to raising funds and awareness for the innovative cancer research, treatment, prevention and control programs conducted by CU Cancer Center members. We recognize that our donors are the key to our success and we therefore commit to organizational transparency so they can confidently invest in our mission.


AMC Cancer Fund is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the University of Colorado Cancer Center to support its outstanding programs in cancer prevention, care, education, research and service to the nation.


We celebrate survival while we work toward a world without cancer.


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2012 Audited Financial Statement

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2010 Audited Financial Statement

2012 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report

990 for FYE 2012

990 for FYE 2011

990 for FYE 2010


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Chairman: Gary Kortz 

Treasurer: Steven D. Toltz

Secretary: Cheryl Kisling


Dr. Paul Bunn, Jr - Founding Director,
University of Colorado Cancer Center

David Dudley - Operating Manager,
Dudley & Associates

Michael D. Hoke - Associate,
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

Cheryl Kisling - Vice President,
CU Foundation

Dr. Richard Krugman - University of Colorado Denver
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean,
School of Medicine

Lindy Eichenbaum Lent - Executive Director,
The Civic Center Conservancy

Lilly Marks - University of Colorado Denver
Vice President for Health Affairs and Executive Vice Chancellor, Anschutz Medical Campus

Mark Osborn - Consultant,
Real Estate and Development

Karen Padgett - President and CEO,
Novus Biologicals

Ellen Robinson - President,
ERH & Associates

Becky Roser - University of Colorado Cancer Center Advisory Board,
University of Colorado Cancer Center

Dr. Dan Theodorescu - Director
University of Colorado Cancer Center

Steven D. Toltz - President,
Dependable Cleaners

Amy Venturi - Founder,
Generations Cancer Foundation


Emeritus Members:

Jim Basey

Richard Robinson