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Since 1906, volunteer groups have been committed to raising funds for the study and treatment of major diseases. These groups are known as the National Volunteer Organization (NVO). Much of the success of AMC can be credited to these selfless and tenacious volunteers who, by supporting AMC for over one hundred years, have created a heritage of courageous vision combined with spirit and hard work.

NVO bw photo.pngFrom coast to coast the NVO volunteers numbered in the thousands, working to raise funds for cancer prevention, control and research in Colorado as well as in their own communities. These dedicated volunteers have raised millions of dollars through fundraising activities and personal donations, earning them a permanent place of honor and esteem in the history of AMC Cancer Fund.


 AMC Contact for NVO Chapters/Members:
 Jerry Sinning, Development Associate, University of Colorado Cancer Center

 Contact Jerry at 303-724-7825 or email